Season 1, Episode 10
Rita Mullaney + Byron Isaacs

Rita Mullaney is a former New York City police captain, a photographer, and a filmmaker. A lifelong New Yorker, Rita spent twenty years as a cop working in the pre-gentrified streets of Chelsea and the West Village. She recently completed her first short film about the life and work of the photographer Jill Freedman.

Rita tells the story of two displaced people who lived for years in NYC precincts, and how their lives, and deaths, changed Rita's understanding of her work.

RitaHS - 2

Byron Isaacs is a veteran NYC musician, who has played with Levon Helm, Willie Nelson, Joan Baez, Alan Toussaint, Bruce Springsteen, and many others. He currently tours and records with the Lumineers and his New York City-based band Lost Leaders.

Byron shares a story about his mother, and plays a song inspired by Rita's story (and, he says, Lou Reed).


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