Season 1, Episode 12
Anna North + Miss Eaves

Anna North's novels include The Life and Death of Sophie Stark and America Pacifica, and she is also a senior reporter at Vox. She reads two pieces of flash fiction: "The Machine" and "Cheese Baby."

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Photo by Jenny Zhang

Miss Eaves is a music project of multimedia artist Shanthony Exum. You can read the piece in the New York Times that Anna and Shanthony mention in the episode, and check out Miss Eaves other songs online or at one of her exuberant live shows.

Miss Eaves

Photo by Sarah Jacobs

For the live show with Anna and Shanthony I wrote a song called "The Machine." This is the studio version, which was produced by Jose Alcantar, and features Byron Isaacs on Bass, fiddle by Seth Hansen, and Dan Konopka on drums.