If You Look for My Heart was the first video from the album of the same name.  It features the choreography and performance of dancer Carrie Plew, and was shot and edited by Matthew Hendershot.

Jose Alcantar, who produced and mixed Perspective, asked me to make a video explaining the lyrics of this song, so I did. Chris Rutledge at American Songwriter wrote a lovely piece about it.

"Mothers" was written in response to the life story of Aura Hernandez, who took sanctuary in a church on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, where she lived for more than a year.

So Far is the second video from If You Look for My Heart, and was shot and edited by Matthew Hendershot.  I had to sing 8X slower than normal to make this work (which is why you can see a wire sticking out of my ear in some shots!)

Desolate is the third video from If You Look for My Heart, and was shot at a live performance at the Sellersville Theater by Matthew Hendershot.  The song is performed on the album and in the book by Rachael Yamagata -- this is the first performance of the song by me that was released.

Keep Me Around was the first music video I ever did.  This was shot and edited by film wizard Christopher Allen from a single camera set on a bar at the Bowery Poetry Club.