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Where I Belong

Once was in love with the brakeman’s daughter
Snowy skin and pitchy-eyed
When her dad was on the rails
Some days she’d let me inside

But come a day when I had my fill
Told her I was moving on
She asked me where I was bound
I said back where I belong

Where I belong
Where I belong
I'm going back
Where I belong

Sometimes I pray for peace
From my forever plodding ways
Am I like Pilate always damned
Until my dying day?

Since I was young, when I was still
No matter where, it was not home
Until I find my final plot
I won’t be back where I belong

But the question haunts me
It’s there all along
Will I ever find the place
Where I truly do belong?

Sometimes at night I remember
The brakeman’s daughter, that sweet girl
Still I cannot stop trying
To get back where I belong